What I really mean is...
Ya know…

Just because someone moves on to better oneself does not give the right to others to tear down said person to make yourself fell better.

Just re-read that, and it makes complete sense to me.
It you can’t tell, I’m a little angry. People need to stop with the petty, immature comments and MOVE ON! Do not blame me for the inconsistency that was there before me. Do not blame me for wanting to leave after you treat me like a doormat. Do not blame me for having a back bone and knowing when enough is enough. I’m done.

26 More Years of “First Days”

I survived my first day of school yesterday! I love where I am working and the kids are going to be a good bunch. I am still a little nervous today, but I don’t know why. I guess if I can make it through this week, I will be just fine. Today, we get to the nitty-gritty… it’s serious go time! 

As my mother reminded me, I have 26 more years to go in this career, after this year of course. I reminded her that it would be longer than that for me, knowing what I want to do next. Let’s just hope it continues to go smoothly. Keeping the positivity flowing today!

That took all of three seconds!

It is hard to believe that my summer has flown by so quickly. So much has happened, and yet I feel like it hasn’t. I am moving school, for which I am very excited! I needed a change and knew it would be right for my future career endeavors. I am also in the process of buying a house… Well, beginning process. I did get accepted to my grad program, but decided to start in January so the initial craziness dies down. I also lost one of my fur babies but have added one sweet baby into my family. Teacher workdays start next week and school the week after! Whoop whoop… Let’s go!

I made it

I made it through yet another Reading/ELA EOG/EOC/NC Final Exam day. There were minimal tears and less of a breakdown than normal, so that is a plus. My kids said it was easy and they felt prepared. That helped too.

Now, just to survive the next couple days of school… 

Dear Struggling Suzy,

I have a big decision that has been brought before me, and I honestly don’t know what to do. This is one that would change my career, and I can’t say that I am not ready for a change. I just don’t know if I can do it, though… I am not one to have regrets, but I definitely don’t want to start now. The next couple of weeks are going to be bumpy…

I’ve got the blues

I’ve got the  it-is-close-to-the-end-of-school-and-everyone-is-tired-and-burnt-out blues.

If this year does not end quickly, I’m pretty sure I won’t make it.

Testing starts next week.

Excuse me while I run away screaming…







That’s what people do who love you. They put their arms around you and love you when you’re not so lovable.
Deb Caletti (via meditationsinwonderland)
I did it…

I submitted my application to grad school. I know this may not seem like a giant, big deal, but it totally is to me. I have been waiting three years, THREE YEARS, to do this, because of what I want to do. I will (hopefully) be going back to school to get my masters in administration. This has been my goal since before college. This is just one step closer to getting a Ph.D and running a college, the ultimate dream. Fingers crossed and prayers sent up, please and thank you!

My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to.
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